Multi-regional banking

Zandaka is a tool primarily for the East Asian market, where small to medium sized companies tend to have several accouts in various currencies, but no way of getting a clear overview of all these accounts.

screen: Zandaka dashboard in Japanese


Brand identity for banking platform Zandaka

Making ends meet

We started the project with several meetings and phone calls with the stakeholder to talk about requirements, nice-to-haves and future vision. This then got boiled down into an MVP. A general flow overview can be seen to the right.



Zandaka’s web app dashboard was designed to be information-rich, yet clear. So too, a fine balance had to be struck between a traditionally conservative consumer group and a push into user-friendly contemporary software.

Left a group balance view (in Japanese) and right the balance per region (in English)


The flow

Below is the flow of Zandaka’s MVP banking platform.

If this prototype is too small go here to view it in another window.
Also, it’s a pretty big flow so don't worry if you get lost!

Note 2: Prototypes are... well, just that. Not everything is possible and there are quite a few loose ends. But it gives you the idea.
If you get stuck, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around.

Design areas


Rapid prototyping


Calendar tool

User interface design

Web app

Icon development

UI Toolkit

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