Social paying power

I designed and helped set up #PAY, an integration with Twitter that allows users to make payments simply by tweeting. Mostly adopted by charities, users tweet @charity #donate to donate a set amount.

Illustration: campaign image for a charity using #PAY

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The #PAY logo was designed to be simple, clear and highly flexible, so that subsidiary brands #DONATE, #PLAY etc could fit in and be part of the family with #PAY retaining a 'master' brand look.

#PAY User Journey

User flow

The below is a diagram of #PAY’s user onboarding, showing the donation flow for a registered and unregistered user, including GifAid.

#PAY User Journey


I made a little animation to show users how easy it is to donate to their favourite charity with #PAY.

Design areas

Brand identity



Rapid, high fidelity prototyping

User interface design

Icon development


Responsive design

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