Peer-to-peer lending

With Groupvest investors can build and keep track of a larger property portfolio by allowing group investments.

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A few Groupvest identity ideas


Vetting FTUs

A particular problem with allowing users to invest in property online are FCA regulations in making sure individuals understand the risks of investing. So on the one hand a new service like Groupvest wants as many new users as possible, but on the other, the sign up process needs to involve several steps to deter "non-serious" users from signin up.

Groupvest Flow
Groupvest Flow


Investors are able to log onto the platform to view and participate in deals.

Left a deals listing page in an early colour scheme, right a deals detail page.


The flow

Here is the Groupvest investment platform as a web app. You can see the registration flow and deals listing and details pages.

If this prototype is too small go here to view it in another window.
Also, it’s a pretty big flow so don't worry if you get lost!

Note 2: Prototypes are... well, just that. Not everything is possible and there are quite a few loose ends. But it gives you the idea.
If you get stuck, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around.

Design areas


Rapid prototyping


Calendar tool

User interface design

Web app

Icon development

UI Toolkit

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